Our Web Design course is taught with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. These fundamental standards form the backbone of the modern World Wide Web!

Our Game Programming with VB courses is taught using the Visual Basic language. This is a frequently used industry-standard language that is very easy to learn. We know that the younger students want to see their programs on the screen quickly, and Visual Basic allows them to create real Windows programs very easily!

Our Windows Programming and Unity Game Programming courses will be taught using the C# language. This language is Microsoft's most modern object-oriented language widely used in academia and the IT industry. When paired with the Unity Game Studio, your C# students gain built-in support for game programming, including the ability to easily create your own games!

Our Java Programming and  Android Programming courses will be taught using the Java language. This language is compatible with both Mac OS and Windows computers and is the language used on the "AP Computer Science A" Exam. You can also use Java to write Android applications!