When you purchase an online course, you will receive one or more emails with access instructions.  These emails will contain self-registration coupon codes for both student and teacher.  You will use these codes to create your own accounts.  Those codes are one-time-use only, and afterwards you will use your chosen username and password to log into the system.

Your email instructions will contain your login URL; we recommend you bookmark that login URL in your web browser for easy access.

To create your teacher account, visit the self-registration page link that came with your instructions.  Enter the teacher code and other profile details to create your account.  To create the student account, repeat the process with the student code and student profile details.  When creating a NEW account, please be sure that you have logged out of any previous account.  If you would like to attach a new course to an EXISTING account (e.g. student signs up for a second course), then please log in with that account first, before visiting the self-registration page.  For a complete registration walk-through, please see our enrollment tutorial videos:


Students can simply begin the course with Chapter 1, Lesson 1 and follow the lesson instructions and activities.  You will be guided through the installation of any required 3rd party software at the appropriate time.  Students can click on the "Tutorial" link from the Student Menu for a series of videos demonstrating common system features.

Teacher accounts have access to all course material, plus lesson teacher's guides, solution guides, and fully coded activity solutions.  Our online system will auto-grade all quizzes and tests, but parents or teachers are responsible for grading the hands-on activities.  Please click on the "Professional Development" link from the Teacher's Menu for video tutorials on grading and other common administrative functions.