The following information applies only to the printed videos that arrive on CD in the mail.  Instructional videos delivered through online courses use a MP4 format and have no known playback issues.

Our printed disc videos have been successfully tested on Internet Explorer / Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Apple Safari, and iOS/Android tablets.  In most cases the videos will play without errors in your web browser. For printed textbook courses, your optional instructional videos will arrive in the mail on CD and play directly from your computer's CD or DVD drive.  Adobe Flash is required to play these videos.

Loading..., Connection Errors,  Spinning Circles or Hangs

On Sept 13th, 2016 Adobe released update 23 of the Flash Player.  This update includes a change to the default security settings that may prevent successful playback from a local CD.  If you see a long-term spinning circle ("Loading...") or a "Connection Error" when viewing any part of a video, please follow the Adobe Flash Configuration Instructions below to correct the error.

Adobe Flash Configuration Instructions (Required)

For additional troubleshooting steps, please visit our Help with Videos page.