Monthly subscriptions will automatically renew each month.  If you would like to cancel a monthly subscription, log in with your *student* or *teacher* account. Click on "Dashboard" in the top-left if you are inside the course to return to the main page.  Then, look for the "My Enrollments" block near the left side of the Dashboard.  

You will see a listing of each course and the current expiration date.  Next to that listing are icons to update or cancel your subscription.

Year-long subscriptions will not automatically renew when the year ends.  If you would like to extend that subscription, find the "My Enrollments" block on the Dashboard as described above.  When you are about a week away from your expiry date, you will find icons to extend your subscription by converting it to a monthly subscription.  You can keep that new monthly subscription as long as you like and cancel it when complete.

We offer a refund within 30 days of purchase if your course is not a good fit for your student for any reason.  To request a refund, please email with your account details.